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*We Love Cameran!*

~Real World San Diego was the best!~

*We love Cameran from Real World San Diego*
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This is a community for Real World San Diego's, Cameran Corrine Eubanks:

Some Facts on Cameran
found on user page of _rw_cameran
*Her birthday is January 7, 1984
*She grew up in Anderson, South Carolina
*She has blonde hair and blue eyes
*Her motto is- "Sex can wait, masturbate"
*She went to T.L. Hanna High School and graduated in 2002
*Her senior year she was named "best looking"
*She was elected 2001 Homecoming Queen and she was also senior class president
*Rumor has it, that shes dating Ace from Real World Paris
*Her favorite sports team is the Clemson Tigers
*Her favorite part about 'Real World' was scenery
*Her favorite holiday is Halloween ("candy!")
*She loves to eat anything "fried and crunchy"
*She says she see's Brad at least once a week
*She was raised from a very, very rich family
*Her parents divoriced when she was about 15
*Her first childhood pet's name was Bumby
*She says her worst quailty is "not thinking"
*Her favorite movie is 'Gone With The Wind'
*She says her worst habbit ever is "smoking"
*She grew up on Waco Street but moved away
*Her favorite ice cream is cookies and cream
*She once admitted to loosing her virginity
*She enjoys listening to Timbaland and Magoo
*She now works with Karamo at 'NFL Networks'

The five items Cam said she cant live without
1~ What is it? An intellectual book
Description: Item people will be most surprised to know I own
Why did you choose this item? A lot of people view me as a jokester--which I am--but most would be surprised to learn that I read books on religion, physics, and science. That s--t is so interesting...better than any romance novel.
2~ What is it? My vibrator
Description: Most embarrassing item
Why did you choose this item? Well, Lord, I don't know what to say. Every chick has one. If she says "ugh, that's gross," she's lying. I like my vibrator. It never speaks, it wont give you any STD's, it's light and fits in a purse.
3~ What is it? My rainbow flip-flops
Description: Item I can't live without
Why did you choose this item? I live in these shoes. I wear them with everything. They are very unfashionable but who cares. Everyone needs a pair because they are so comfortable.
4~ What is it? Flat iron
Description: Product or accessory I can't live without Why did you choose this item? My hair is naturally very curly and I like to wear it straight sometimes. Whoever invented it was a genius.
5~ What is it? My black dress
Description: Favorite "going out" outfit
Why did you choose this item? I normally don't wear really girly clothes but this dress makes me feel like I have some semblance of style.

Cameran is Love