~*Princess Priscilla*~ (princesscilla) wrote in welovecam_rwsd,
~*Princess Priscilla*~

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Whoo-hoo!! Go Battle of the Sexes!! Way to bring back Cam! hehe! Man I have missed her! I honestly feel like Im friends with her.. When she fell, I was like "no dont fall!! you can hang on longer, I know you can!!" And when they were voting and she said Rachael I was like "girl dont get yourself in trouble this early, you cant get kicked off to soon" I will probably cry when she leaves! Im such a freak.. just ignore me! Well no-one updates in here anymore, so I hope yall didnt forget how awesome Cameran is. And if you did... heres your reminder~~ SHES SOOO AWESOME! hehe.. Wow, I need to go to bed. Good Night all.. <3
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